Medical Update – August 6, 2018

August 6, 2018

(23 Weeks, 3 Days)

We went to our appointment this morning, and this time brought Easton along. We felt Owen move this morning, and knew our Owen is still fighting! We also wanted Easton to see his brother on sonogram, since we never know how much longer Owen will be with us. My swelling has gone down, but my blood pressure remains elevated. My platelet count has significantly decreased and uric acid is elevated. My blood pressure was taken three times, and the doctor threatened to admit us to the hospital for monitoring, if he couldn’t obtain a reasonable reading. After ALL of that, I asked him to sign a note saying that I could do light duty at work. He said, “Absolutely not! Did you hear what I just said!?” I laughed, because I know how stubborn I am; a trait that I believe I passed down to Owen (so thankfully). I know that I need rest and unplug, for my sake, and for Owen’s (something that I am not particularly gifted in). The doctor informed us that Owen’s heart appears to be slowing, but then after additional evaluation, it would appear within normal range. Owen has very little amniotic fluid, meaning his kidneys are not functioning as they should. Doctors are preparing us for the worst, that they fear is sooner than later. We continue to pray and petition our Lord for Owen’s miracle.


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