Medical Update – July 30, 2018

July 30, 2018

(22 Weeks, 3 Days)

The last few days have been tough. Mirror Syndrom is in full effect. My blood pressure continues to be elevated, reaching into the 140’s over 90’s consistently. There has been a dramatic increase in swelling throughout the week as well. Previously, we determined that I gained over 10 pounds in 10 days. A very annoying dry cough has set in over the last week, and flairs up every time I change positions (ex: laying, standing, sitting, etc…) which has made sleep very difficult. I feel heavy, worn, and just not myself. The doctors went ahead and put me on temporary bed rest, to try and let my body reset and ease the immense strain that I am feeling.

This morning, as soon as our doctor’s office opened, we called to be seen as soon as possible. I am obviously out of sorts, and concern grows for Owen’s wellbeing, who has not moved much in the past 2 days. Our anxiety builds before every sonogram and it feels like we hold our breath forever until we see that sweet flicker of his heart beating.

Knowing our God can, and is able, to move mountains and part waters, doesn’t always mean that He will. But we know no matter the outcome His love for us does not waiver. So, we continue to ask, and to pray, as we sat in silence in the waiting room. Both Brian and I were fearful that this was the end – but we weren’t ready and begged God: not yet.

And God heard us – that sweet heart flicker beating at 145bpm. Thank you, Lord, for more time with our boy. Every day is truly a gift.

Our doctor agreed that Mirror syndrome is happening, and it’s now a race against the clock to see who will need the medical attention first, Kelsey or Owen. We will be checked every Monday and Thursday from now on to make sure nothing is missed, despite Brian’s diligent nursing care.


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