Letter to Owen – August 6, 2018

My Dearest Owen,

The doctors say that we don’t have much more time with you. Your amniotic fluid is dissipating, meaning that your kidney function is not as it should be. Your heart is working hard to keep up, but seems to be slowing as well. Your mother and I continue to fight, but there is only so much that we can physically do. I thank the Lord for every day that we have with you. Your mother’s blood pressure is continuing to steadily increase and her liver and kidney enzymes are elevated.

Yesterday at church, we celebrated all of the things that the Lord has done in your life. We will not see all of the ripples that your impact on people has had, but we know that they are there. In an effort to be offensive instead of defensive, we posted a video on social media, inviting complete strangers to share their struggles and defeat, in order to be prayed over. During service yesterday, your mother and I shared an update on you, but more than that, we wanted to facilitate a time where others could be prayed over as well. Your life, and the Lord’s work in your life, inspired this. You inspired us to reach out and open our eyes to those around us who are too, hurting. People who are facing trials and tribulations, who may not have Jesus in their lives. I have said since finding out that you were sick, I do not know how people endure this level of agony without Jesus. It would be easy to turn to things of this world in a time like this, but our focus and comfort comes through Jesus. If in fact, your miracle comes in the form of the Lord taking you home, you will meet Jesus before I. However, we continue to petition and plead with the Lord for your life here on earth. We will not stop petitioning until you are here on earth, or the Lord has taken you home to be with Him.

Last night, as I was putting your brother to bed, we spoke about his brother. We speak of you often. Every night we sing “Edelweiss,” a song that your grandfather sang to your mother every night before bed. I have amended some one of the lyrics and instead of “bless our homeland forever” we sing “bless our family forever.” You, Owen, are a blessing. A blessing to your mother, your brother and I, but also a blessing to hundreds more. Your life has singlehandedly made a Kingdom impact on countless souls. You have taught me that prayer is a mighty tool, to pray boldly and expectantly of the Lord. We are expectant of a miracle here on earth, but even if that earthly miracle does not come to fruition, we will bow down before no other god. All glory, honor and praise to Jehovah Rapha (The Lord that Heals).


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